LEAH - Lowcountry Educators' Association of Homeschools

Bolin Family Homeschool

21 Years and Counting =)

Chuck and Grace began homeschooling their two oldest sons in the fall of 1988 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Their decision was based primarily upon their inability to afford tuition at private schools. A third son was added to the family during this time.

Chuck and Grace relocated to Ladson, South Carolina in 1990. They named their homeschool George Washington Academy. A daughter and son were born to them shortly after Chuck departed the US Navy in 1993. Their youngest son is now in the eighth grade.

The two oldest boys have since graduated college. The oldest earned a Computer Science degree from Charleston Southern University. The second oldest son earned a B.S. in Criminal Justice Administration from Hawaii Pacific University.

God willing, Chuck and Grace intend to homeschool their children for only five more years. Of course, there are grandchildren -- but that's another story. =)