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LEAH is a full-service 3rd Option Home School Association for the state of South Carolina. We are committed to supporting and encouraging parents, regardless of religious affiliation or ethnic background, who have decided to school their children at home. We believe that it is the fundamental right of a parent to make decisions regarding the welfare of his or her children, including their choice of education.

Reminder The Deadline for All Grade Reports was on 06/30/2015. If you have not sent in your grade report, please do so immediately! For those students registering for the PSAT, SAT or ACT, our SCHOOL CODE is 411909.

Membership and Renewals LEAH is accepting renewals for all current members at this time for the academic year of 2015-2016. Note that this year, all renewals must be sent in by 08/15/2015, all payments must be made by PayPal. No checks will be accepted.

Changes are On the Way We are pleased to announce that we are working closely with Hazel Douthit, Director, At-Home-In-the-Low-country, www.athomeinthelowcountry.com in building a partnership for the 2016-2017 school year. At that time, Grace Bolin, Director, plans to make the transition as a guidance counselor with Ms. Douthit. We will be working diligently to help all LEAH members, using our current form of reporting, to work with Grace and Hazel. We appreciate all your prayerful support as we bring the highest quality of oversight to both of our associations. In the meantime, Grace and LEAH, will continue offering the services that you have come to appreciate!

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